Queenstown Visitor Information


Queenstown Visitor Information

Planning a holiday in Queenstown? Find all the information and tips you’ll need to plan your holiday including how to get here, and things to do when you arrive. Queenstown is easily accessible by road, or air with direct flights from around New Zealand and Australia and well connected major New Zealand highways. Once you and your family have arrived, brace yourselves, there is much to see and do!

Browse through our accommodation options for a wide range of places to stay, our restaurants and cafés for the best places to dine, and our tours and activities for everything from snow adventures through to adrenalin pumping attractions, to wine tours.

Rest assured no one, child or adult, has left Queenstown without being thoroughly entertained!

We have a host of maps to assist you in finding your way around Queenstown, as well as a weather guide. Feel free to speak to the Queenstown Holidays experts on 1234 5678 for further assistance or information.

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