Pog Mahone's Irish Pub and Restaurant

Pog Mahone's balcony dining area - Queenstown Holidays Enjoy sun-soaked afternoons at Pog Mahone's Irish Pub and Restaurant - Queenstown Holidays

Pog Mahone's Irish Pub and Restaurant

14 Rees Street, Queenstown, New Zealand 9300

11.30am till Late
Reservations Phone:
(+64) 3 442 5382
(+64) 3 442 5921

Masterfully designed and built in Ireland and then shipped to New Zealand by its Kiwi and Irish owners, Pog Mahone's is a charismatic Queenstown icon.

Situated on the stunning lakefront, visitors can enjoy a mix of Celtic music, great service and a large selection of local beers and wines. Stop by for a bite to eat in the sunny beer garden or choose from one of their iconic activities including whiskey tasting, beer pouring classes and more! 

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