Minus 5º ICE BAR

Minus 5º ICE BAR

88 Beach Street, Queenstown, New Zealand 9300

7 Days, 12pm till 11pm
Reservations Phone:
(+64) 3 442 6050

Minus 5º ICE BAR is Queenstown's COOLEST experience and an adventure you'll never forget. A "bucket list" item you can tick-off, even with a tight budget.

Come down to Minus 5º ICE BAR and be absorbed into a world crafted purely of ICE. Everything from the walls and furniture to the bar and intricately hand carved statues are made from over 18 tonnes of crystal clear ICE. Even our infamous cocktails are served in glasses made entirely out of ICE!

Minus 5º ICE BAR Queenstown is open all year-round so bring your mates or even the whole family, and 'chill out' in our winter wonderland. Jackets, gloves and even warm footwear is provided as part of the experience so there's no need to worry about catching a chill. Now celebrating 10 years of wowing guests, we are the ICE specialists in Queenstown... Can you handle the THRILL OF THE CHILL?

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